I love this city.  I have traveled the country and the world and I always breathe a deep breath of relief when I am back in this wonderful city.  We have a community of committed people who, like me, feel very strongly about continuing to work to make sure that everyone who lives here has access to opportunities and advancement.  

At present, I am the Executive Director of the Northern Minnesota Network—a health care collaborative comprised of Federally Qualified Health Centers and Migrant Health Centers. The clinics serve more than 30 communities across more than 20,000 square miles in the Upper Midwest.  

I am  now helping raise a member of the next generation of Duluth graduates, and I want him and his classmates to experience educational opportunity to explore and achieve their dreams, with access to exceptional and supported educators.  

I believe that the Duluth School Board can be a strong representation of what is good about serving in public office, and what is good about our community.  All politics are local politics and we can truly make a difference!  What greater gift could you give a Duluth graduate than the opportunity to give back to the community I’ve lived in nearly my entire life. I appreciate your interest in my campaign and I ask for your support moving forward.