I am Sally Trnka and I am a DFL-endorsed candidate running for the Duluth Public School Board for an At Large Seat.  I am a native Duluthian—born and raised in the Central Hillside Neighborhood—and I received the most incredible education through the Duluth Public Schools.  I began my academic pursuits at Kenwood Elementary School, moving on to Grant Elementary School (now Myers Wilkins), and graduating from Duluth Central High School. The passion and dedication of the teachers and leaders in our school district set me on an incredibly fulfilling journey; my success is inextricably linked to the work that the Duluth School Board conducts.
As a School Board member, my priorities would be:
  • Improving academic access and supports aimed at increasing achievement
  • Addressing — head on — funding challenges facing the district through proactive and positive solutions
  • Advancing policies and programs which incorporate the social determinants of education and education equity
I have spent the last decade of my career building healthcare networks and collaboratives both locally and across the country to achieve strong outcomes for communities.  My work has reinforced my belief that none of us is an island unto ourselves. Through intentional collaboration we can foster creativity and achieve stronger outcomes.  We must, as community leaders, be bold and NAME the problems we face while offering constructive and attainable opportunities that will move our agenda forward. Civil and political discourse are paramount to success.  We must work to engage all of our stakeholders  to develop community-driven solutions that consider The Whole Student.  
I am proud to have received the DFL and womenwinning endorsement, and I look forward to working across the community to earn your trust and, ultimately, your vote.  
Thank you,
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